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  • You are a Presence Journeyer...

    We humans are more complex than modern culture teaches us. At a certain point in your personal growth a hunger may develop for non-superficial connections.


    If you keep yourself busy merely surviving there is no time or energy to explore further. But even if you have the wish, make the time, and free the energy, you may still lack the skills for going deeper, higher or farther. New skill, tools, and maps of the territory may also be needed...


    What else can happen after one says, “Hello,” to another?


    Since presence and intimacy can only happen NOW, who can you be that is more present in this NOW?


    Presence offers an endlessly mysterious journey. How does presence extend vertically into further possibilities? How can two people journey there together?


    How does presence depend on being centered, being radically responsible, and being in reality?


    What parts of a Being can connect?


    What to do with numbness, fears, and blocks? What if old wounds or traumas are triggered… what if insecurities and grief or fears arise… What then? Can these finally be healed and give way to deeper connections?


    Can Presence Journeys create more resilient and dynamic Beings with a capacity for more presence together?


    We say yes. We claim that preparations, practices, and skill-building are keys to entering whole new domains of relational satisfaction.


    We say pre-cognitive and non-verbal hurts may be limiting your capacity to connect and these can be transformed into gateways. We say whole new options arise when you are met where you are and when you learn to meet others where they have heretofore been hiding out. Such skills form the basis for a lifetime of astonishing and fulfilling Presence Journeys.


    We practice together for 5 days.



    ...and the Journey starts exactly where you are.

    When two PresenceJourneyers see each other through the cloud of ordinary life, portals open to extraordinary experiences.


    Their archetypal bodies find a resonance and they use a question as the fuel for their journey.


    The longing is to interact, to heal the other and to be healed by the other. (Healing simply means to make things even better than they are now...) There is no limit to what can be healed during a Presence Journey.


    Nothing needs to be wrong with either person to make a Presence Journey attractive. In fact, both being wonderfully fine may be the most amazing times to go on a healing Presence Journey.


    The longing is simply to want to be with the other more, explore the other more. An adult human being is an infinite doorway. The longing may be to discover the other all the way – which, of course, is impossible. Yet this may still be the longing.


    One may not know one's own blocks to exploring the other more fully, until the Presence Journey starts and the blocks or wounds become suddenly obvious.


    Sometimes healing occurs in the spaces between people, for example, through finding individual power to define and claim one's own place and space. There may be no physical contact at all.


    On other occasions the healing takes place in extended times of radical vulnerability and silent touching communication.


    No two journeys are the same. One moment passes into the next.


    Conscious presence receives impressions of reciprocal nourishment when the Journeyers witness and embody more of each other than is usually possible. Transformation and healing are frequently encountered.


    A field of deep trust, unconditional love, groundlessness, unexpectedness, adult to adult encounter, and co-creative 5th body nourishment sustains the presence of the extraordinary 5th body intimacy.


    A successful journey is more than satisfying. It can bring back treasures that are typically blocked by the local belief systems and morphogenetic field. These treasures become available to all who are in the space. Lives and perspectives can become more compassionate and inclusive.


    The skills you build, the healings that happen for you and others, these last you the rest of your life. They become the basis for whole new life-chapters to blossom and become viable.


    Anne Schmid: seamstress, mom, Possibility Management Trainer, navigates the Indigo with roots in the Earth, a kind of sorceress.


    Clinton Callahan: physicist, dad, Possibility Management Trainer, navigates memes with roots in nothingness, a kind of wizard.

  • Presence Journeyer Theory

    Your mind is yours to play around with and make into whatever you want.

    The thoughtware you are currently using may not be ideal for creating what you want to create.

    Map of 5 Bodies

    Your main vehicle for Presence Journeys is your 5th body, your Archetypal Body. Some call it your Ecstatic Body...

    Map of Resentments

    One resentment is enough to block presence. Learning to create a resentment is key to taking your resentments apart.

    Map of Laws

    You can bring back jewels, but the higher up the elevator you go, the more strictly the laws apply.

    Map of 3 Domains of Love

    Not choosing where you want to go assures that is where you will get to.

    Map Me Myself and I

    Which "I" is talking? Which "I" is navigating now? Which "I" is speaking and feeling right now?

  • Presence Journeyer Practice

    Regular Presence Team meetings provide a safe place for questions and experiments.

    Weekly Presence Journeyer Team

    Gathering once a week to exchange experiences, and practice with feedback and coaching expands your practical skill-base for further exciting Presence Journeys in your daily life.

  • Conscious Intention

    You create - or hesitate to create - from intention. What is your actual purpose? Who are you kidding about that? Results don't lie. By helping each other bring awareness to our shadow purposes we get new choices about what we are creating in each moment.

    Conscious Attention

    Where your attention goes, your energy flows. Your central skill for navigating Presence Journeys is your attention. Can you place it? Move it? Hold it? Keep it? Split it? No one can get your attention unless you give it to them. Where is your attention now? Why?

    Presence of Being

    A big "here" or a big "now" dilutes your connection to the only place you can Be and navigate your Presence Journey, which is here and now. With a little practice you can build your presencing muscles and get better at enduring the unbearable lightness of Being.

    Nonlinear Possibility

    Relationships thrive on ongoing nonlinear creation. But the source of nonlinear possibility to create with is your Gremlin. Are you in conscious relationship with your Gremlin? Is he at your side? An ally? Or is he unconsciously eating intimacy and serving shadow principles?

  • New Maps of the World

    Human beings do not interact with the world as it is. We interact through our thoughtmaps of the world. When you get a new thoughtmap you get a new world. Presence is delicate, precise, complex, and precious. No space of shared presence lasts forever... this means so many incredible spaces await your arrival to be explored when you have the new maps and skills.

    Centered and Grounded

    Being present is the key to radical responsibility. But being present is dependent on an entire circle of interdepending skills: being centered, being grounded, using the New Thoughtmap of Feelings, having a minimized "now" and a minimized "here", being radically responsible, including responsible for the purpose of the stories you tell, having your Gremlin on a short leash at your side, using your Voice Blaster, knowing the difference between feelings and emotions, experientially distinguishing between your Box and your Being, having access to experiential reality rather than being trapped in verbal reality, etc.


    Magic is authentic when it is extemporaneous, that is, when it has never been done before. The word "abrakadebra" means "I create as I speak." Telling stories that you have never told before in relationship with someone else is called improvising. The key to joyous and powerful improvising is "Being a Yes!" to what the other person creates. "Yes... and..." can be the doorway to whole new levels of shared presence.


    It is easy to forget that today is a good day to die... and... you can develop some new skills. That is what the Presence Journeyer Intensive Skill-Building Training is about. Stepping to the edge of your comfort zone, staying present, consciously taking little intimate steps one-after-the-other into the unknown, where all you have is your attention and your wits for safely creating what has never been created before and exploring it together.